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Best Restaurants in Toms River NJ

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Ocean County and many of them are in Toms River. The variety and quality of the food, along with the hospitality, makes these Toms River restaurants the perfect option for anyone looking to enjoy a night out. Here are the best restaurants in Toms River.

Water Street

With the beautiful views of the Toms River and the great selection of both seafood and bar fare, Water Street in a great option located right in downtown. Water Street offers a great selection of coal-fired pizza, sandwiches, appetizers and entrees. The food is always fresh and the service is amazing. 

One element Water Street has that makes it one of the best restaurants in Toms River is entertainment. Water Street regularly has live music and entertainment that makes it as much a restaurant as a bar. 

The last aspect of Water Street is the outdoor seating area. This added element puts Water Street over the top, with a very large outdoor bar and plenty of seating available to make a table open at any time during the day. This allows you to sit right next to the water and enjoy a great meal. There is also a great fire pit by the water with more casual seating that is perfect for happy hour or enjoying a night out in the summer.

Office Lounge

The new renovations at the Office Lounge are going to be a welcome addition to an already great restaurant. With a consistent menu and food, the Office Lounge is a can't miss. The extensive seating and range of seating options also make it perfect for any meal. Whether you want to sit at a high top, at the bar, in the formal dining area or in the casual dining area, you will be able to find exactly what you're looking for. 

The huge bar and bar area really set the vibe for the Office Lounge. The atmosphere is upbeat and the variety of televisions make it perfect for any sporting events. There is also plenty of seating, which makes it easy to sit down and enjoy your food.

The website is also up to date with Toms River SEO, which means you can always find the latest offers and specials going on.

Toms River Ale House

The combination of bar and restaurant is what makes the Toms River Ale House such a great option in Toms River. The huge selection of seating makes it easy to find a seat no matter what time of day or night. The food is also amazing and the selection is diverse enough for any meal. Whether you are looking to snack on some bar food and apps or have a full dinner, you will find it here.

The real thing that sets the Toms River Ale House apart though, is the entertainment. There is a wide selection of games available and also a golf section that can be reserved or rented. This is something very unique to the Toms River area and makes for a truly unique experience. 

As the name denotes, you will also find a huge selection of beer on tap, as well as regular drink specials. This added value makes it the perfect place to go enjoy some food and stay for some drinks after. It is truly one of a kind in the Toms River area and one of the few places you can eat and have a drink. 

Those are three of the best restaurants in Toms River. If you decide to stop by any of the three, you will not be disappointed. 

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