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Toms River PPC Services

A PPC campaign provides flexibility, immediacy and results that ​no other digital marketing product can. At OTB Marketing, PPC campaigns are focused on the highest converting keywords to ensure no budget is wasted and results are maximized.

PPC campaigns work best when run in conjunction with SEO services. When run together, the data and coverage maximizes opportunity and can lead to an affordable and efficient overall marketing strategy perfect for any size business in any industry. While a lot of factors come into play when it comes to a successful PPC campaign, it starts with selecting the right keywords and bidding strategy to cut wasteful spend and streamline conversion rates.  

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Local Service Ads Campaigns


One of the newest and most impactful opportunities in PPC are Local Service Ads. These campaigns are designed specifically for service businesses -- construction, carpet cleaning, real estate, pest control, etc. 

With these ads, you will pay per conversion (calls and messages) as opposed to clicks. They also incorporate a Google Guarantee that eliminates SPAM and streamlines the campaigns. 

Conversion Focused Campaigns

All OTB Marketing PPC campaigns are solely focused on driving leads. While PPC campaigns can also incorporate branded or awareness keywords, at OTB Marketing, our philosophy is on building brand awareness through web design, SEO and content marketing. With PPC relying heavily on an ad budget, the goal is to make that budget work. PPC should always be judged based on ROI, which should only be measured based on lead volume.

Ready to start driving more leads for your business? 

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