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Link Building

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Ask most SEOs and they will tell you links are the most important factor in SEO. There is some truth to that; although, at OTB Marketing, our SEO philosophy is more focused on technical and content creation. Still, links are always going to be an important aspect of SEO and cannot be left out.

When it comes to link building, our Toms River SEO company only builds natural links through a process of link outreach to real authoritative partners.

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Build Real Links

A reason why links are becoming less important is because they are now so easy to buy. Highly authoritative sites are now allowing SEOs to buy links for very high prices. As the all-knowing eye of the internet, Google knows this, which is making it less important, as the pool has been sullied by SPAM tactics.

At OTB Marketing, we do not buy links. Our link building process includes the following:

  • Identify relevant link opportunities

  • Build an asset that provides value to relevant websites

  • Reach out with a value proposition for links

  • Create partnerships to continue to build authority

Diversify, Diversify, Diversify

One common mistake by Toms River digital marketing agencies is having too narrow or too broad of a focus. Generally, SEOs will either only target websites within the same industry to build links or they will focus only on high authority sites. This can work, but it is not natural in the eyes of Google. At OTB Marketing, our link outreach starts with building a diverse profile of link opportunities that will create a very natural link profile. The diversity of the links will help build authority and will also ensure the links remain live to continue to boost rankings for the long-term.

Link building may not be as important as many SEO companies say they are, but they are important. OTB Marketing focuses on real link building, not simply buying links.

Contact us at On The Ball Marketing today for a FREE analysis. Our SEO campaigns start as low as $500 per month.

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