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Best Breweries in Toms River

Craft beer and breweries are a craze that is not going away anytime soon and in fact, are continuing to grow. This has brought breweries to Toms River and here, we will go over some of the best breweries and craft beer Toms River has to offer.

Toms River Brewing

What started as a brewery solely focused on Irish ales has now grown into one of the most popular breweries in Toms River. Toms River Brewing grew out of Rinn Duin and now brews a wide variety of beers, from ales to lagers to stouts to IPAs. The range of beers is great and they are constantly looking at new types of beers to brew.

Toms River Brewing also has a very welcoming tasting room, along with tours. The taproom allows you to come in, see how the beer is brewed and taste some experimental beers you will not be able to find anywhere else. The low key vibe and welcoming atmosphere is perfect.

As a Toms River SEO Company, I love visiting Toms River Brewery. They truly brew a great beer and offer a space that is fun to visit. They also are a great supporter of the Toms River community as a whole and put on some great events that feature live entertainment.


A truly unique brewery, you will feel the great environment of Artisan's the second you walk through the door. The elegant design of the restaurant sets the mood for the overall brewery. 

The great selection of beers on tap is great. Artisan's features 6 handcrafted brews at all times. Three staples (Light Ale, West Coast IPA and Irish Red Ale) are always on tap, while three seasonal selections rotate throughout the year. The best way to really get a sense of just how great the beer is is to have a flight, which will really let you taste the difference between the beer. Artisan's also sells growlers for anyone looking to take a beer home with them. 

The best part of Artisan's though, is that it is also a great restaurant. 

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Operating 6 breweries in 5 states, BJ's is a great Toms River brewery. With over 20 years of experience, BJ's has produced some great, award-winning beers. These beers have garnered over 200 awards. Every time you enter BJ's, you will have 11 award-winning beers on tap, as well as 10 additional rotating seasonal options. So, you know you will always have something to drink and something that is designed for the time of year.

BJ's also has great food and a great atmosphere. It is not only a great place to drink some craft beer, but also great for a night out for dinner or as a meeting place for friends. The dual-threat of BJ's is what really makes it a great option as a Toms River brewery. It is just as good a place to get a burger as it is to get a seasonal craft beer.

These certainly aren't the only breweries in Toms River and these certainly won't be the last, but they are definitely some of the best places to go for a beer. The brewery craze may eventually die down, but these are some of the last places, as they offer to great a product and an atmosphere to be ignored.

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